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Who We Are
about Journey of the Heart Ministries

At the heart of JOTHM, Inc a 501(c) (3) non-profit Christian Organization is the belief that God has called the community to support and serve women, regardless of their background or beliefs. Journey of the Heartís mission is to provide a way for women whose hearts are wounded and broken to discover HOPE and Healing in their everyday lives. Journey of the Heart was created to meet the needs of struggling women in communities throughout the United States and around the world.

Journey of the Heart initial start began in 1998. It began with the God inspired vision of helping women become whole and to learn how to discover of new way of living into hope. After a few years of research and focus groups the vision starting becoming a reality. Traveling and meeting with groups of women we learned that the need was great. Women live in great hopelessness and despair and see no way out. We have learned that meeting one on one with them helps them first understand that they are not alone, and sometimes that is the first step into Hope. We have learned that women deal everyday with hard life issues; abuse, neglect, divorce, addictions, depression, being a single mom, areas of great loss and serious health issues. We have discovered that one of those alone is hard to manage. With research, all of this information and experience, it was time to create the Hope Partner mentoring services and to create The Center of Hope for women.

Journey of the Heart was incorporated in 2005 and in January of 2008 we opened our Center of Hope in Toledo Ohio. This Center has become the model for us to follow as we move forward to create this Center of Hope in communities throughout the United States and around the World.

We understand that when women live in hopelessness and despair it impacts children, the familiy and ultimately the community. We want to link arm and arm with other organizations so we can work together to help women discover a new way of living into HOPE and Healing in their everyday lives.

If you are interested in additional information please call us at 419-720-2446.

Encouraging Word

We are beautiful creatures.
There is nothing
that can add or take away
from the beauty
that is you.


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Journey of the Heart Ministries Inc - 2048 S. Byrne Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43614 (419)720-2446
Is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID# 20-3160046